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16th International Conference on Perspectives in Business Informatics Research


Tentative program

Monday, August 28

Doctoral consortium

Tuesday, August 29

Breakfast in hotels
Opening Speach
Parallel tracks
2-3 depending on number of submissions
Lunch at AAU
Social event
Conference dinner

Wednesday, August 30

Breakfast in hotels
Parallel tracks
Lunch at AAU

Papers accepted for the conference


Industry 4.0 and Smart Production, Ulrich Berger

Digital Transformation of Industry: Research Challenges and Opportunities in Smart Production, Charles Møller

Enterprise Architecture

Current State of Roles in Enterprise Architecture Management Frameworks, Matthias Wißotzki, Felix Timm and Paul Stelzer

How Enterprise Architecture Maturity Enables Post-Merger IT Integration, Robert Lorenz Toermer and Stefan Henningsson

The Information Infrastructures Design Space, Stefan Henningsson, Charikleia Rapti and Thomas Emil Jensen

Identifying Quality Factors of Information Systems Integration Design, Iyad Zikra, Janis Stirna and Jelena Zdravkovic

Business Process Management

Hybrid Weaving in Aspect Oriented Business Process Management, Amin Jalali

Business Processes Modelling Assistance by Recommender Functionalities: A First Evaluation from Potential Users, Michael Fellmann, Novica Zarvic and Oliver Thomas

Towards Supporting Business Process Compliance with Policies, Ludmila Penicina

Process Driven ERP Implementation: Business Process Management approach to ERP implementation, Tarik Kraljic and Adnan Kraljic

Business Analytics

Navigating in the Land of Data Analytics, Katrina Kronberga and Marite Kirikova

Model for Identification of Politically Exposed Persons, Zane Miltina, Arnis Stasko, Ingars Erins, Janis Grundspenkis, Marite Kirikova and Girts Kebers

Changing with Grassroots Business Intelligence (BI) at a Large Global Manufacturing Firm, Makoto Nakayama, Sebastian Olbrich and Norma Sutcliffe

Predicting Data Quality Success - The Bullwhip Effect in Data Quality, Mouzhi Ge, Tony O'Brien and Markus Helfert

Information Systems Applications

Short Text Classification of Buyer-initiated Questions in Online Auctions: A Score Assigning Method, Yichen Li, Ananth Srinivasan and Arvind Tripathi

The anatomy of digital trade infrastructures, Boriana Rukanova, Stefan Henningsson, Helle Zinner Henriksen and Yao-Hua Tan

Engaging with Openness through Common(s) Ground: Healthcare Innovation in the Networked Society, Mark Aakhus, Pär Ågerfalk, Kanika Samra and Håkan Ozan

Finance Information Systems Usage in Universities in Developing Countries: Implementing Factors and their Influence on Use, David Kiwana and Björn Johansson

Information Systems Development

Ontology and DSL co-evolution using graph transformations methods, Boris Ulitin and Eduard Babkin

Evaluation of Capability Delivery Capacity Requirements, Jānis Grabis, Lauma Jokste and Tania González

Triple-Agile: Cloud Solutions for SMEs, Marite Kirikova and Edgars Salna

Organizational structures for an implementation of virtual teamwork - a case study analysis, Birgit Großer and Ulrike Baumöl